Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh the Heresy... converting Space Marines to Chaos.


Its been forever since I updated my blog.  I suck.  Anyways, I get a lot of models used off of Ebay.  Its my favorite thing ever.  So I recently picked up some Sanguinary Guards... now because I dont always like the standard Chaos Marines I always like to convert the standard Marines inot the ways of chaos... awwww yeah.

Heres the models, they came in decent shape, not too much paint on them, just some serious silver undercoat... First I dropped these fuckers in some Simple Green for a day or two, scrubbed them up and now they are ready to get chopped up. 

whoever had these before used plastic cement unfortunately, so a few chunks of plastic came with the arms and wings, nothing that the exacto blade doesnt fix... I hate plastic cement... it really makes taking off arms and parts a pain in the ass.

The Dremel strikes!  I had to grind down the neck pocket quite a bit as the plastic from the original head was still in there...

I have a nice chaos head, and a sweet chainsword and bolt pistol to go on this fella...

So I get the wings re-positioned and get the arms glued on... this took a little time to get the wings right, but way better than they were before... it also took quite a bit of super glue... also started the initial dremeling, getting rid of that stupid Blood Angels stuff haha...

so now I throw the sweet as Chaos head on... also I use the Dremel to create pits and weathering in the armor... once Im done with that, I go over the Dremeled bits with plastic cement (I know I said I hated it earlier, but for this its awesome, it melts down the plastic and leaves it smooth)...

I continue to get my Dremel grind on... leaving this badass looking roughed up, but thats the way Nurgle likes it...

now hes ready to paint!

so next post I will paint this guy up... going to try something new with this one...


Monday, February 6, 2012



I havent posted anything in a while.  I know I suck.  I have about 500 different projects going at once as usual...  I was just thinking as I was constructing some models "I really should be taking pictures of this for the blog"  but alas, I did not.

So whats really got my attention is a little thing called Vassal... if you havent tried this yet, GET ON IT.

you download the engine (fo free!) from  Vassal gives you a sweet virtual tabletop to play on, and you can play just about any turn based game ever... like... EVER.  Holy shit they have everything from chess to battleship to fuckin Monopoly.  PARK PLACE BEYATTTCH.

Anyswayze, there is a plug in for the bestest game ever, Warhammer 40K.  I have to say, for someone like me who is trapped on the remote planet of Hoth, this is great.

you get your virtual tabletop, "sprites" (the little virtual models) a random die generator dealy, all kinds of cool stuff.  You still need your rulebooks and codices, but man its a great way to get a game in without leaving the house, or in my case, putting on pants.

so heres a snazzy little screen shot... you can load up any kind of scenery really, snow, plains, urban... whatever your little head can dream, so dream it ya fuckin dreamers!

you build your army lists the standard way and select your "models" from within the program, drag and drop and BAM!  Army is ready to go... always wanted to try an all bike list, but dont want to spend 20 bucks per bike??  Always wanted to do a completely mechnanized IG but dont want to drop hundreds of dollars or build all those damn tanks??  On Vassal you can do it all, your only limit is your own sick twisted little imaginations.

Vassal comes complete with nifty buttons that do your rolling... need to roll to wound and hit?  Plug in your too hit and wound rolls, select the number of rolls and let the virtual dice roll... random die generations for to hit/wound, vehicle penetration, saves, etc... now you dont have to spend 30 bucks on a little plastic container of dice!  what a deal!

The Vassal engine my look a bit daunting at first, but really once you get into it, it is super intuitive.  Hotkeys control just about everything, and there are plenty of drop down menus available on the units themselves that allow you to mark and move your units as necessary... heres a sweet vid that explains a ton of it:

So the gist is I love Vassal.  Its just about the best way to get some good games in, try new and interesting lists, and most importantly, Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.  Check out my Vassal meeting spot on Reddit:

next time I will have some models to chop up, promise.  But until then, get some games in online (pants optional!!)