Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm a terrible blogger.

Holy shit.  I was just chatting with a nice gentleman on my home away from home,

This guy was looking for info about getting into the miniatures business, particularly to play a new game called Dropzone Commander (it looks cool, check it out).  I recommended my blog, since the first few posts are decent to get started.

Then I realized that its been like, 6 MONTHS since I have updated or posted anything.  Holy shit I suck at this.  I was on a tear at first.  New posts every couple of days... then nada.  Zip.  Zero.  And whatever other words mean zero. 

I need to get back on it.  My slow interent here on Hoth is a big deterrent (poor me, sniff sniff).  I have worked on so many projects, but my fevered mind works too quickly to stop and take photos.  Im like some sort of mad genius man.  Or not.  Mostly not.  But I do get excited when im working and forget to take pics.  Then next thing you know, Im done building and painting... then Im thinking, maybe people wanted to see that.  Oh well. 

I will work on that.  Until then heres some pics of a Storm Talon I just did!

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