Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paintin'- Nurgle-Nators: fun with translucent colors

So on my favorite subreddit today, someone mentioned they wanted to see more experimental painting.. the point was made that many blogs show you how to duplicate techniques that are already out there, and thats totally cool and shit, but how about trying different things?

Well ladies and gents, thats exactly what the Wargaming Anarchist is about... I have been told I do things in somewhat different (read: wrong) ways, but I have found there is no ONE right way.  I think thats what discourages newcomers to the hobby... being told how to paint, what colors to use, etc... what works for one might not work for another... Heres a great example of how I like to try different things with my models, even if it doesnt always make sense...

So, I have some terminators, who with the aid of my trusty dremel have been thoroughly beat up (Nurgle-ized I call it)... I think I might have gone a little overboard, but hey, whats a 50 dollar box of models between friends if you cant basically destroy them with a power tool???

Heres my first homeboy Nurgle-Nator... I wanted to actually paint him a bright sickly greenish yellow.. I thought out loud, how can I do this?  To myself I said, how can I make my yellow nice and bright?  So far I havent had much luck with yellows, so I came up with a new plan...

First I start by painting on a nice icey blue color... one thing I always tend to do is mix paints on the model when they are wet... so I started with a darker blue, and added brighter blue over it while it is wet... blending the lighter shade onto the higher parts of the model... wet brushing I guess.  Yeah, lets call it that.  Even tho that makes no freakin sense.

I keep adding more white to my light blue mix, brushing it over the model while the coat below is still wet, this blends it and makes it look a little less harsh then straight up drybrushing.  I sort of swipe my brush at it, making wooshing sounds with my mouth with each pass.  WOOSH WOOSH.  This helps me to concentrate.  I think its important to make silly sounds when you paint.  Centers the chi.

Ok, so I work up till I get to just straight white.  All up on that fool.  Now I bust out the blue wash and dabble it on the armor, working to avoid the trim of the armor.  Dabble, dabble, dabble.  I love washin models.

Now I let all the dry.  At this point you are wondering if im fuckin color blind, cause I said I wanted to do this guy in a yellow green... ahhhh, well we need the secret ingredient:

Booyah, yellow ink beyatch... now I got to be honest, I dont think they even make this shit anymore... Im pretty sure you can get inks from other companies, but as far as I know, citadel doesnt offer inks... I dont know why, cause inks are awesome.  Really the whole gist of this write up is to show nifty things you can do with stuff like this.  I like to think of colors in layers on my models... each layer can be translucent, effecting the colors beneath it.  You can get some cool effects this way, and add tons of depth and interest to a model.  Im going to use this to change my blue into a nice green color... why not just paint it green you ask?  'Cuase thats fuckin boring!

Magic color change Terminators!  It kinda reminds me of that blue fundip that turns green when you lick it... or is it green and then turns blue?  Fuck, I dont remember... all I know is that fun-dip is just about the best shit ever.  This is just the yellow ink, painted straight onto the model...

for a minute I almost left him half and half like this... but maybe thats a little too bright?  Might work better for those actual space marines that want a cool split paint job...

Hes lookin Nurgly already.  So now I figured I would paint on some details and whatnot.

YES I USED BRONZE AGAIN.  Fuckin love bronze.  His shoulder pads and little details get some bronze here and there... im trying not to go apeshit with bronze like I normally do.

cables, ribbed (for your pleasure) parts of the joints and other little bits here and there get some light grey.  I think its really important to pick out these little details.  Even without shading if you do parts like these cleanly enough they will make the model look way better... but we are going to wash this'n of course.

Some black wash does the trick... meanwhile I keep painting other details like the skull hanging from his belt, and the gears and shit in the lightening claws.

AWWWWW YEAH MUD TIME.  Ok, just a little bit of Devlan Mud goes on the bronze parts, and a few bits on the armor itself that I want to make darker, the grill in the center of the chest and some under the trim of his leg armor.

this is a shitty pic but you get the gist.  Im feeling pretty good and emotionally attached to this fella now.  His green color is indeed sickly and yellow as I desired.  His claws still look a little too clean tho.  I was tempted at this point to go ahead and go over them with bronze or silver, but fuck it, lets keep em greenish-yellow.  Not a lot of greenish yellow claws out there.  Unless you are a tyranid.  And if you are a tyranid why in the holy dog fuck are you reading this?  You should be out digesting whole planets and what-not.  Furthermore, Tyranids cannot read, so I can insult them with impunity.  Screw you and your little hooved feet, tyranids.

I washed some sepia onto his claws to give them a nice dirty look... even his claws drip with nastyness and filth... one scratch from these bad boys and BAM! Cancer.  Sorry buddy, thats how we Nurgles roll.

So the skull gets some highlighting, then a final wash of sepia since I have the bottle open.  Why not.  Oh yeah, maybe I ought to paint this fuckers eyes.  Nice and red.  Scary.

This picture is way bright, but you get the gist.  So hes pretty much done... maybe I ought to put him on a base or something cool like that... hmmmm

One new terminator to slice fools up in the name of Father Nurgle!  Also handy for chopping vegetables, hedge trimming, and striking down followers of the false Emperor.  Good times.



  1. That's a really awesome color, especially the way you did it. I was thinking hot pink for a color scheme, but this looks cool.

    1. oooh, hot pink would be really cool... I might have to try that for fun...

  2. Replies
    1. I use Americana brand paints... they are the kind you get at the hobby store, and they are a bit cheaper... some say they arent as good as other fancier paints, but I have good luck with them... I also use Citadel washes.... those are the good stuff.

    2. Awesome, thanks much. I start painting this week/weekend. Any tips on what color wash I should use on black models?