Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Plague Grows...

Awwwww yeah.  So I finally met someone here in the remote location of Hoth that plays 40K.  So getting geared up for a game this weekend.  It will be the 3rd game with my new CSM army so im frantically getting my models together.

Up till now I have been sort of building a few pieces here and there, painting a model here and there, but havent really concentrated on getting whole units done... well I guess now is the time... heres some of the units I worked on this week:


Honestly, I really hate the Khorne Berzerker models... nothing against good ol Khorne, I just dont like the way the models look... especially the funny rabbit ears they all have hehe... so here are my Nurg-zerkers... Khorne Berzerkers who musta caught something from their Nurgle friends... they are a jumble of standard marine parts, chaos parts, and my favorite, the chain axe.  Also grabbed a bunch of the hooded dark angel heads cause I think they look bad ass.  I wanted to give them something that signified they were a unit and I thought the hoods was a nice touch...

Of course they are in varying stages of paint, and if you look close, the fella in the middle has a hood made of green stuff... Green stuff, is there anything it cant do?  I ran out of hooded heads and decided to just green stuff them instead of pay another 7 bucks or so for a few heads... good call I think, they came out pretty decent... Also, Im toying around with a new basing idea, the pools of blood and gore is actually a colored hot glue... the hot glue sticks come in different colors and ive found the red to be most useful... what do you think?  Sometimes I think it looks goofy, so maybe the next few wont have quite so much on there, but I wanted some red to signify that they still get down with the blood god.


what more is there to say?  These fuckers are takin me a while since I want to make sure I get every little bit of mold lines and shit that I can.  I spend quite a while just cleaning parts, and im still sure I missed things here and there... well here is the first squad ready to roll... just need some paint.  I hate playing with unpainted models, but I dont have time to get these lookin nice before my game on saturday.

some plasma gunners... the homeboy on the left is using the plasma gun from the space wolves, so hes gettin some extra power from the space wolf rune on there hahaha... Ive found that special weapons are expensive to buy as bits, and the space wolves sprue was a lot cheaper... so some of these guys have SW weapons, but its all good... they probably stole them from some foolish space wolf.  The fella on the right has the appropriately chaos-y plasma.  Its got spikes and shit, so you know its chaos.  Ouch!

As you can see I am very well organized... I have some terminators ready for paint... I just cant decide on a good paint scheme... I actually had two of them painted up but then I decided I hated it, so in the Simple Green they went.... I just cant decide what colors to paint them... I want to mix it up and just not do more brown and green... im thinking black?  Any ideas?  you can also see the last raptor I have to paint up, but going to wait on that so I can do a write up on how to paint em...

Thats it for now, just wanted to do a quick update.  I have a metric shit ton of stuff to construct and paint as usual... the followers of Nurgle hit the table soon!  Im stoked!


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